Deep Creek Hot Springs
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Deep Creek Hot Springs

We already got up at 5:30 am. But we didn’t start to hike until almost 10 am because of wrong ways / entrance, endless gravel and sand roads.

We even had to pay an entrance fee – 5 bucks per person! *stupid* The “guard” warned us very seriously: “Are you prepared?! Do you have enough water? Are you wearing tracking shoes? I have to rescue so many stupid people!” Man, we have been on hikes that are in fact risky – unlike this one.

The trail was rather boring; just up and down in the hot sun. That made the hike very tiring, despite the nicely cool air.

The strenuous walk was worth it, though: Swimming in the hot rocky pools was a unique experience. In the end, we enjoyed the water naked since all the visitors around us were nude, too.

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