City of Bridges
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City of Bridges

Today, we visited ‚Venezia’. The city was built on a group of more than 100 islands, which are divided by canals and connected by over 400 bridges.

Our first bridge of the day
walking along Grand Canal
Churches were a nicely cool and quiet place to rest

In Venice, we luckily got a parking spot, not too far from the city centre.

candy shop

The weather was not as hot and we walked through partially shady alleys. However, our two smaller girls didn’t feel like walking and we didn’t want to us the trolley in the city of bridges with so many stairs. All that made the sightseeing walk pretty exhausting.

Some delicious Italian pistaccio ice-cream motivated them to walk. Only Magda didn‘t care for it but she never complained about walking anyway.

Venice is really all about settling things to tourists and giving a good impression. Our girls were chased away once they had sat down on a display window sill. We were not allowed to touch even rubber toys in a display basket, sit on steps close to St. Mark’s Square or just eat there.

Ponte di Rialto

There are no motor vehicles with wheels on the Old Town, only trolleys and boats. So since we didn’t want to walk back, we took the „water bus“ on the Grand Canal which is lined with Gothic and Renaissance palaces. The ride was perfect for sightseeing and resting.

On the water bus

For once, we wanted to have dinner early at a pizzeria. But unfortunately, all the restaurants were either closed on Monday, closed completely or not open yet. So we cooked by and had dinner on a playground. The only drawback of this stop was that we ended up with more huge mosquito bites =/

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